Monthly zodiac predictions for the Month of December

You will concentrate on your basic needs instead of social requirements and responsibilities. Yours all hard work will prove to be waste and will not yield any good results till the mid of this month. You may have to concentrate on your inner strength. You will have to come out from your negative thoughts to overcome the odd situations. You would spend money on industry and repair work of machinery. New opportunities may be fully availed and make every effort to get it done on time. Professionally you will get much success in the projects which were started recently. You may earn a lot if travel abroad or travel related to your business. Long journeys will not yield any good results but money inflow will be satisfactory. You will be over burdened with domestic responsibilities as well as official jobs. You will work with full devotion without compromising the quality of work, and may be praised by your superiors. Some new contacts will be established which will be helpful in completing your held up projects. Some good news may be received. You will have to spent more money for your family